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15 Best Cyber Internet Security Stocks 2023

Palo Alto Networks (PANW, $190.76) is one of the world’s largest providers of cybersecurity solutions. The company’s software and hardware allows for sophisticated network security, secure access service edge (SASE) and cloud security. With almost $5.6 billion in assets under management, the First Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETF is by far the largest pure-play ETF in this part of the technology sector. First Trust is a large financial services firm offering a variety of investment products, and its cybersecurity offering is one of the longest-tenured in the ETF world. Its inception date was back in 2015, and shares of the fund have more than doubled since then. Another cloud-native security vendor, Zscaler (ZS -1.25%), works in tandem with endpoint security services to help keep data secure.

Zscaler risks losing larger deals as a result of the severe economic downturn. It will rely on its customer’s chief technology officer to explain the value of its cybersecurity product. It will likely use this cash to invest in bringing its best products to market.

We can expect efforts to rectify this situation to include a continued increase in salaries paid to those with the necessary skills, as well as greater investment in training, development and upskilling programs. This staggering amount reflects the growing need for cyber security to be treated as a strategic priority on an individual, organizational and governmental level. Even after including today’s significant gains, the stock is still down by significantly this year. In June, HUB received a notification from the Nasdaq that its shares did not satisfy the minimum bid price requirement of $1. HUB will have until Dec. 6 to close at or above $1 for at least 10 consecutive business days.

  • While Paul Meeks thinks that these sectors are not completely immune to a recession, he thinks that they are not going to suffer as much as other areas within tech.
  • In addition, the company offers customer support and training, and professional services.
  • My key thesis with Norton is that a stronger product offering will increase customer retention.

In its brief existence, the iShares Cybersecurity and Tech ETF has underperformed other funds in the cybersecurity space. HACK utilizes the Prime Cyber Defense Index as a benchmark, focusing on hardware, software, and services companies. The fund is diversified across market caps, business focus, and geography, with its top 10 holdings representing about half of invested assets.

With this context in mind, let’s analyze the 15 best cybersecurity stocks to buy now. We took into account hedge fund sentiment, analysts’ ratings, long-term growth potential, and fundamentals while choosing these stocks. With the increased dependence on digital gadgets and major companies moving towards digitalization in today’s world, the threats of cybercrimes are increasing. This can be seen from the ransomware attacks, which first started in 1989.

Fortinet, Inc. (NASDAQ: FTNT)

NAV prices have fallen steadily since the end of 2021, presently 40% lower than two years ago. Holdings primarily come from systems software, internet services, research, and consulting. The ETF does branch out somewhat into areas like communications equipment, aerospace, and defense. The iShares Cybersecurity and Tech ETF features 46 holdings with over $500 million in total assets under management.

In addition, it offers Secrets Manager Credential Providers to provide and manage the credentials used by third-party solutions; and Secrets Manager Conjur for cloud-native applications. It serves businesses of various sizes, public institutions, governments, and service providers. As CyberArk’s transition to a subscription model nears completion, its underlying growth should become more clear. And I suspect the market could then discover a newfound appreciation for the budding business underlying its shares. CrowdStrike is even more expensive than Palo Alto Networks, with shares trading at 14X EV/revenue and a forward P/E of 47X. We’re also talking about a faster-growing, solidly profitable company, however, and I see no reason it won’t continue to grow into that valuation.

  • Most of its listed assets are software companies, but the fund also has considerable investment in IT services, communications equipment, and professional services.
  • It seems almost silly to point out CrowdStrike’s focus on innovation as a key advantage, especially considering an innovative slant should be a given for any reputable cybersecurity stock.
  • Part of the reason for CyberArk’s relative discount to the aforementioned larger cybersecurity names is its slower reported growth.
  • “Others say they can’t compromise security.” But there are many companies in the first camp.

It’s not just security in the online sphere that’s faring well and proving to be a profitable investment opportunity either. Even the home security systems market share has been growing, with a recent research report on the market stating that the market for home security systems in North America reached about $7.23 billion just last year. Two terms that are often used interchangeably are cyber security and cyber resilience. However, the distinction will become increasingly important during 2024 and beyond. While the focus of cyber security is on preventing attacks, the growing value placed on resilience by many organizations reflects the hard truth that even the best security can’t guarantee 100 percent protection. Resilience measures are designed to ensure continuity of operations even in the wake of a successful breach.

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With the rapid shift to remote work caused by the pandemic, this product increases Cloudflare’s potential for winning business from enterprise customers seeking to adapt to this new business environment. To determine the best cybersecurity stocks to buy now, we studied industry broker finexo analysis reports and identified key players operating in the space. We studied these companies in detail and reviewed their product pipelines and business models. We then selected companies with robust product pipelines, strong fundamentals, and positive market sentiment.

It provides infrastructure platforms, including networking technologies of switching, routing, wireless, and data center products that are designed to work together to deliver networking capabilities, and transport and/or store data. The company offers Splunk Platform, a real-time data platform comprising collection, streaming, indexing, search, reporting, analysis, machine learning, alerting, monitoring, and data management capabilities. To that end, here are three top cybersecurity stocks I think are worth buying in October.

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Nearly 90% of these assets fall into the information technology category, with the remainder belonging to the industrial sector. SentinelOne (S), based in Mountain View, Calif., has nearly half of its long lived assets — those expected to provide economic benefits over a future period of time — in Israel. In the video below, I break down the cybersecurity ecosystem and provide seven additional stock picks.

First Trust NASDAQ CEA Cybersecurity ETF

Tenable (TENB) conducts R&D operations in the region and the company recently closed its acquisition of cloud security provider Ermetic, headquartered in Tel Aviv. The company is reportedly close to acquiring two Israeli cybersecurity startups for nearly $1B, Talon Cyber Security and Dig Security, both of which are based in Tel Aviv. The stack also includes features that ensure seamless integration with tools, such as ChatOps review time series analysis and IT Service Management, promoting effective collaboration among engineers and cloud security teams. This will, in turn, facilitate faster approval for time-sensitive access requests. CyberArk (CYBR Quick QuoteCYBR – Free Report) is introducing new security features to enhance user access protection for cloud services and modern infrastructure, along with significant updates to its Secure Cloud Access solution.

Get Excited About Stocks Despite the Hot Inflation Data

Returns remain at -22% since inception but should turn around quickly in a more favorable market. The WisdomTree Cybersecurity Fund is the newest cybersecurity ETF to make the list, with an inception date of January atfx forex broker review 2021. Coming in at the highest point of the year, WCBR has felt the lows of 2022 with nearly 20% losses overall. An expense ratio of 0.47% is lower than most other cybersecurity ETFs, adding to the overall appeal.

Splunk Inc. provides software and cloud solutions that deliver and operationalize insights from the data generated by digital systems in the United States and internationally. For protection in the cyber world, we all (individuals, businesses, government organizations, and NGOs) need CYBERSECURITY. And in 2022, the premiums we are paying on cybersecurity exceeded $170 billion. Like Palo Alto Networks, CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD -0.98%) is riding a wave of fresh enthusiasm for leading cybersecurity names, with shares up more than 70% this year — though it has yet to revisit its stratospheric post-COVID pandemic highs. If its impressive business momentum is any indication, however, I think it’s only a matter of time before that happens. Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora pointed out the current «changing environment» has caused more customers to consolidate their cybersecurity efforts toward Palo Alto Networks’ platform.

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